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Real time data analytics: Client specific reports to understand savings in terms of man-hours, paper cost saved, errors, and most of all – return on investment using our Electronic Shelf Labels.

Union Coop Achieves ZERO Errors in the Process of Price Updations.

The ESLs enables Union Coop to react quickly to competitors’ offers, while using price in a more strategic way – it can graduate markdowns as sell-by dates near, to incentivise sales, protect margins and reduce waste.
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Smart Your Store with Emitt Technologies

With Electronic Shelf Labels Retailers will be able to synchronize online offline prices in real time, reduce operational costs and improve working efficiency, better understand customers’ buying behavior and increase customer loyalty and therefore improve retailer’s competitiveness as a whole
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More than 120 stores in over 7 countries across the Middle East & South Asia rely on ESL from EMITT to digitize their stores.

Live Data for our clients, to Analyze their Savings post ESL implementation