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Real time data analytics: Client specific reports to understand savings in terms of man-hours, paper cost saved, errors, and most of all – return on investment using our Electronic Shelf Labels.

UNION COOP Achieves 0% Errors in the Process of Price Updations.

The ESLs enables Union Coop to react quickly to competitors’ offers, while using price in a more strategic way – it can graduate markdowns as sell-by dates near, to incentivise sales, protect margins and reduce waste. In-store teams are freed up and have much more time for customers.

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Growth in Footfall
Cost saving

Union Coop wanted to find a more agile way to promote offers, react to competitors’ changes and increase the frequency of price markdowns to protect margins. They were also looking to reduce the amount of time the sales staffs spend manually adjusting price labels, to provide a better service to customers and gradually cut operational costs associated with paper-based labelling.

Any business always needs to find and create ways to reduce costs in order to stay ahead of the market and focus on profits. The cost of making paper labels and processing onto the shelf edge played a significant role. The dynamics in daily consumables are changing and every day there is a new product and origin. Hence printing price labels can be a daunting task. The goal will be to achieve a reduction in costs and label printing processes to be faultless.

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Union Coop decided to integrate the ESL Solution within the Perishable Sections that covers departments like Fresh fruits, vegetables & Sea food. They also considered to deploy the solution in the promotional area where the merchandise changes every week and so the labels addressing them.

Changing thousands of labels in each of their stores can be a morale-killing task for store personnel. The solution offers the ability to change prices/descriptions and other aspects unlimited times. The man-hours required for the task has significantly reduced and helped staff to focus more on sales.

Integration with their database for Tamayas (Membership program) is automatically calculated and displayed onto the Label. This is done with no error and hence helps consumers to make decisions on buying the item with more confidence.

“ The ESL Solution from Emitt Technologies helps us in multiple ways.We are able to run promotions more effectively without any price errors, keep employees engaged and thereby increase revenue. Our staff can now focus more on sale and customer service.“

-IT Department – Union Coop, UAE
Electronic Shelf Labels have transformed the way Union Coop handle the shelf edge pricing. They can now update prices in just a few seconds, on any shelf, anywhere – all centrally managed from their head quarters. This flexibility allows them to use price reductions more strategically to protect their margins and also reduce waste. The store associates are freed up to focus much more time on sales and customer service.


The Solution helps in smoothening the processes involved, cut waste, ensure compliance, and quickly & accurately launch price/promotions across all channels.

The ESLs enables Union Coop to react quickly to competitors’ offers, while using price in a more strategic way – it can graduate markdowns as sell-by dates near, to incentivise sales, protect margins and reduce waste. What’s more, in-store teams are freed up from continuous, time consuming (and costly) labeling and have much more time for customers.

The following are the benefits they realized post ESL integration

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Optimize sales and margin
  • Enhance the store environment
  • Align omnichannel pricing
  • Display more information on labels
  • Ensure accurate pricing
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve efficient in-store operations

The Operations team of Union Coop is satisfied with the ESL’s ability to Improve the store environment, launch price and promos with unprecedented agility, and connect with customers in new and engaging ways. The labels are acknowledged to be the best-performing. As well as being fully graphical, they deliver superior image quality, color consistency and brightness, enhancing the in-store environment. The labels are versatile, allowing to include a wide range of data to improve customer interaction.


Union Coop is the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE as it operates 18 branches and two malls (Al Barsha Mall, Etihad Mall). Union Coop has also launched two grocery chains: Mini Coop and Coop, a new concept, thereby making it the first consumer cooperative to include a smart shopping concept in many of its branches in the MENA region. Additionally, Union Coop plays an active role in stabilizing prices through promotional campaigns and offering real-value offers and give prizes worth tens of millions yearly.

Industry:Super Markets
Size:18+ Outlets

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