Real time data analytics: Client specific reports to understand savings in terms of man-hours, paper cost saved, errors, and most of all – return on investment using our Electronic Shelf Labels.

Smart Store solutions to transform stores with innovation

The infrastructure for digitization and product on-line,Adapters which connect various retail scenarios, and capacity amplifiers.A set of practical smart apps and tools to help traditional retailers to cut operating costs and improve management efficiency!

With Electronic Shelf Labels retailers can change Price, Promos and more Anywhere Instantly

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Optimize sales and margin
  • Enhance the store environment
  • Align omnichannel pricing
  • Display more information on labels
  • Ensure accurate pricing
  • Reduce costs
  • Achieve efficient in-store operations

Different colour bezels

Change bezel colours to match your brand.

Vibrant colours

Fully graphic and available in three colours. Red, black and paper white. Yellow, black and paper white.

Fully graphic


See from a wide angle

Viewable through 180°.

LED Options

Optional LED accelerates operational tasks to improve product picking speed and accuracy, and reduce the cost and time involved with stock replenishment

Bistable technology

Featuring the latest bistable technology, our labels reduce glare and are viewable through close to 180°.


Select from labels with NFC built-in to connect to customers’ smartphones, send offers, and use location-based services.

Long Life

Changeable batteries and long life (typically 5 years with up to 3 updates per day).

Operating temperature

Labels operate from -25°C* to 30°C.


Connect with your customers in new and engaging ways

Improve the store environment, launch price and promos with unprecedented agility, and connect with customers in new and engaging ways.

Our labels are acknowledged to be the best-performing. As well as being fully graphical, they deliver superior image quality, color consistency and brightness, enhancing the in-store environment. The labels are versatile, allowing you to include a wide range of data to improve customer interaction. For example, you can show real-time customer reviews, use QR codes to display rich media such as provenance, nutrition and sustainability information, and publish recipes (and ingredients).

Features that make this possible
  • The price is right
  • Launch effective promotions
  • Customer experience
  • Embrace showrooming
  • Engage more deeply
  • Sponsored campaigns

Cut costs and boost efficiencies

When it comes to operations, it’s always assumed that the ability to price everywhere, across every shelf-edge, in seconds, is the key benefit of ESLs. And cost savings can be big – especially across a major grocery estate where amendments often have to happen out of hours (resulting in higher staff costs). But while this is the headline benefit, there are others that are important, too.

While we see no appetite to reduce staff, customers are keen to make the most of this valuable resource by freeing them from mundane tasks to spend more time assisting customers in-store.

Features that make this possible
  • Reduced materials costs
  • Accelerated inventory
  • Optimized merchandising
  • Accuracy of pricing
  • Improved staff satisfaction
  • Legislative compliance

Make life simpler – with the only centrally managed, scalable and easier to install enterprise grade ESL solution

When we built our electronic shelf label solution, we focused on two things: creating the industry’s clearest, most colorful and eye-catching displays and making sure that our labels are centrally managed by an ‘enterprise ready’ platform that makes life easier for IT teams by being easy and affordable to install, run, use and maintain

Our ESL solution comprises easy-to-use software at your HQ that allows you to see the status and create and change the templates for every label across your estate. Our solution also supports full two-way communication, with labels confirming that changes have been made, their battery status, temperature and much more.

Features that make this possible
  • A light infrastructure
  • Intuitive software
  • Auto-configuration
  • See what’s happening on each label
  • Simple local installation
  • A secure network
  • Design and replicate labels

With Electronic Shelf labels Retailers can change Price, Promos and more anywhere, Instantly

Why Electronic Shelf Labels

technologies to monetize big data, improve omnichannel and transform the speed of fulfillment.

Accurate Pricing across channels

With ESLs retailers can Align prices and promotions, create audit trials, amend and achieve the best prices.

Leveraging omnichannel strategies

Why would customers check prices if the shelf-edge labels show online prices and how these stack up against key competitors?

The last frontier in converting sales

The most powerful sales influencer of all is the shelf-edge – where the vast majority of purchase decisions are made.